Italian vacation homes

Let’s see few of Italy’s tourist attractions Puglia is most famous for its idiosyncratic, conical-roofed trulli houses, and its fabulous masseria hotels which have been converted from traditional fortified manor houses. But the long coastline makes it a good choice for a seaside holiday, and the appeal of the historic medieval ports of Bari and Brindisi, as well as the city of Lecce are often overlooked. Because its so far south, Puglia is also great for an early or late season break. By May it will already be properly warm and the strawberries and peaches will be ripening. Continue reading “Italian vacation homes”

Upcoming Luxury Vacation Rental the Caribbean Castle

Castles have always been a topic of much interest and romantic appeal amongst thousands of individuals around the world. The Caribbean Castle is a proposed vacation paradise that will be constructed on a serene and tranquil private island and offer unique ways for the visitors to escape from the daily grind. The Caribbean Castle is inviting the luxury vacation enthusiasts to make a contribution towards this one-of-a-kind vacation resort and receive concessional or even free stays.

The Caribbean Castle will offer the charming effects of medieval times combined with the highest level of luxury and opulence. Some of its top attractions will include

Air conditioned luxury rooms and suites with panoramic views of the kingdom and island

A resort-style pool, hot tub, sauna, and free Wi-Fi

Tower-top dining area that overlooks the resplendent landscape

Opportunities for Zip-lines, snorkelling through coral reefs, or even river rafting through caves for the visitors

Jesters, wandering minstrels and other entertainers roaming the grounds to tell stories, play music, sing songs, and recite poetry.

Highlighting the benefits of making a contribution to this project, a senior spokesperson from the Caribbean Castle stated, “With your contribution, you can get reduced rates for your stay, or even get to stay at the Caribbean Castle for free. Other options include getting a lifetime discount so that any time you feel the need to get away from it all, the Caribbean Castle is your go-to vacation destination.”

Depending on the amount donated, the contributors will acquire different ranks such as Duke, Count, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Knight, Esquire, and Gentleman. The corresponding rewards may be anything between one time 10% discount to lifetime 60% discount on any room or suite booking at the Caribbean Castle.

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About the Caribbean Castle
The Caribbean Castle is a pre-construction castle with all the charming effects of medieval times intertwined with completely modern and opulent touches. From spires to turrets, it will embody the essence of the most royal of castles while inside be completely grandiose with the 5-star effects and service travelers demand of their vacation.