Burleigh Travel Make It Easy for People to Make Sports Tour Enquiries

Burleigh Travel, sports tour specialists, has now made it easier than ever before for people to enquire about sports tours – Creating a dedicated enquiry page containing a simple and easy-to-complete enquiry form which can be used to kick-start the sports tour planning and booking process.

Upon visiting the Burleigh Travel ‘Enquiries‘ page people are informed of the benefits of enquiring online and prompted to provide a few basic details including contact details and information regarding the sports tour that they are interested in i.e. sport type and country of interest. After this information is provided all people need to do is sit back and wait for a team member to contact them via phone to discuss the next step.

This is quickly becoming the most popular way for people to enquire, as it means when they then speak to a team member and sports tour planner their requirements are already understood, saving time and ensuring they are provided with the tour they are looking for.

A spokesperson and representative from the company was incredibly keen to comment saying, “Although the majority of people prefer to enquire about our sports tours in this way, this is not the only enquiry option – Anyone that cannot complete this form or for any reason would prefer to speak to a team member straight away can simply call our office to arrange a call-back at a convenient time.”

About Burleigh Travel
Burleigh Travel is a sports tour provider with over 20 years’ experience in not only offering one of the vastest ranges of sports tours and festivals available, but in creating bespoke sports tours tailored to teams individual needs and requirements. If you would like to discover full details regarding the company, or to view their extensive selection of sports tours and Spain football tournaments do not hesitate to visit their website today.

PR Contact
Company Name: Burleigh Travel Ltd
Contact Person: Ryan Barnett
Website: http://www.burleightravel.co.uk
Tel: 01453 755733
Email: salesburleightravel.co.uk
Address: 32 Lansdown Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 1BG